We are a community band based in Seymour, Victoria, Australia.
Check out the page for more about who we are, what we do and how to join.
Come and listen at one of our upcoming events, or support us with a fun afternoon of Bingo!
Cancer Council, MSCB Biggest Morning Tea
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We no longer run Bingo sessions.

Upcoming Events
Benefit concert for those affected by the recent floods.

To assist all those affected by the recent catastrophic flooding across NSW and QLD, the Mitchell Shire Concert Band (MSCB) will conduct a fund-raising benefit concert in the Broadford Lions Park - The Island Rotunda, at 2:00 pm on Sunday 27 March 22.

Bring your chairs or a blanket and enjoy an hour or so of free music.

100% of donations collected will be donated to those affected by the recent floods across NSW and QLD.
You can book the band for your next event!

Email the Secretary to start things off.

Or for a smaller event you might prefer one of our subgroups. Have a look under the "Subgoups" tab.

And check back here for infomation about when our next learner group will start.